Wedding related locations

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Locations are currently slightly approximate. For example, both of the Oakland hotels are drawn practically on top of one another, and you have to zoom in quite a bit to see two distinct markers. I might need to do a little work to get the locations more accurate, but for now it at least gives you a pretty good idea of where everything is relative to everything else.

Key (sorry this isn't a little prettier, or using colors better, or with bigger icons):

Our Housered
Oakland Hotel 1blue
Oakland Hotel 2yellow
Walnut Creet Hotelorange
Tuxedo shopblack

I had hoped adding distinct icons and a key would help, but didn't really have time to do it right. The older map didn't differentiate the various points, but they were easier to see. It's here if you find it any easier to read.

This map is provided via the way cool Google Maps API.