About this site

This site is prepared and served with 100% free software. The photos are organized with digiKam and resized with ImageMagick. If and when I do any more serious photo editing, that will be done with GIMP. Although I stole the look at feel for the web design from Spot Drave's implementation and use of a customized version of windex, I ended up doing all of the static web page creation using Perl scripts that I wrote from scratch in trusty old emacs. The scripts aren't quite ready for prime time, but if you want a copy of the scripts I will make them freely available, please e-mail me at photo (at) richard (dot) fromm (dot) name. The computer on which the site is developed is running the Kubuntu distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system.

The photo web pages are being served via the Apache web server, on a spare machine cohosting a number of web sites, borrowing bandwidth generously donated by my employer, WaveMarket. The server is running the Debian distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system.

This site is not optimized for Internet Explorer or any other particular web browser. It works using open standards and ought to be viewable on any web browser supporting inline images. I happen to use firefox, but your choice of browsers is up to you. (Although if you're using IE5 I'll be happy to tell you why I think you're making the wrong choice.) If you encounter any problems with this web site, please let me know at webmaster (at) richard (dot) fromm (dot) name.

I will admit that this site is indeed not designed with text browsers in mind, and you will not find alt attributes on the tags for the images. I think I can reasonably get away with it in this case, since the concept of browsing a picture album with a text browser doesn't make a lot of sense. Although I wonder if somehow with aa-lib you could create a braille-like picture viewer... If I were particularly ambitious (or obnoxious - it depends on your perspective) I suppose I would patent that idea before somebody else does.

The pictures are almost entirely taken with Lorien's camera, a Nikon E4600, at the maximum resolution of 2288 x 1712 (3.92 megapixels) with the highest available (yet unspecified) JPEG quality setting the camera offers. (It annoys me that no camera maker offers any lossless compression format like PNG, and I don't think I have the patience to deal with RAW.) Lorien's camera is basically a compact point and shoot model that offers little manual control, but I'm pretty impressed with the overall quality of the pictures that it takes. One of these days I'll make up my mind and buy a Digital SLR, and then Lorien will probably get more of a chance to use her camera.

Currently the small, medium, and large sizes featured on this web site are 20%, 35%, and 50% of the originals. The thumbnails are 5% of the originals. I have not yet provided a link to the original sized pictures, but I might do so in the future if there is demand and/or I decide that the disk space requirements are not too onerous. In the meantime, if you would like the full size picture of anything that you see here, feel free to request it by sending e-mail to photo (at) richard (dot) fromm (dot) name.