Middle East 2007 -- Cairo

We took a public bus from Dahab down south to the tip of the Sinai peninsula, at Sharm el-Sheikh, and from there we caught a very short plane ride to Cairo. Which I think was definitely the way to go vs. what would have been something like a 7 or 8 hour bus ride.

Our time in Cairo was very brief. Two nights and one day. But we did what we set out to do when we originally scheduled our return flight from Cairo instead of Tel Aviv, which was to see the pyramids. As with so many things, I wish we had had more time and would like to come back some day and see more, but even our single day was worth the trip.

With only a single day, we valued time a bit more than money and did things as easily as possible. We booked a hotel online and chose to have a driver pick us up at the airport, we hired a driver for the day through the hotel to take us around to the pyramids, and we arranged a taxi back to the airport the next day through the hotel. And while I'm sure we spent a bit more on all of this than we could have if we had been a bit more independent and willing to spend some more time, Egypt is still for now very inexpensive (subject to change I suppose as the US dollar continues its downward plunge). Much cheaper than Israel, which is basically Western prices. To put it in perspective, the driver for the day of visiting the pyramids cost us about US$30.

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